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Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Affiliated Artist Sabek Nonsense

Best for: Pocket-size

Colour: Dark

Size: A6

Pages: Lined

Outer material: Graffiti by Sabek Nonsense

Who owns Graffiti? In years gone by spray cans have been emptied to produce slogans, mark territories, gain recognition, or perhaps to specifically make a cultural statement. 

Some if not many of these Images still exist today and can be viewed. But many existed as temporary masterpieces which have succumb to deterioration or removal. 

The artists of such images have/had more than likely honed the ideas contained within each mural over many years. 

Presumably after sharing versions of the image in various media forms, after countless iterations a final version was almost from muscle memory painted accurate, finally and most likely quickly

This once underground phenomenon has grown in reputation and stature over the years with the artists like "Banksy " becoming viral and household names, recognized by an ever growing number of people within a widening set of demographics. 

Also the Swiss street artist Adrian Falkner, also known as  "Smash 137" , will have his day in court with general motors when they used his image. A federal judge in Los Angeles has rejected GM’s attempt to dismiss the artist’s claim that the automaker infringed on his copyright when it included a photo of one of his murals in its 2016 Cadillac ad campaign. 

I'm taking a look at underground culture and and dedicating 2019 notebooks to street art, otherwise known as a range called Graffiti in the City. 

To start this range I have searched the streets of Belfast City, Northern Ireland for examples of Graffiti that I believe have captured my imagination.

I'm kicking off this series with a brilliant image of a crow catching a snake. 

Following this and every month this year I will release try to release a new Notebook with a different Graffiti-ed image, some of which will more than likely exist in different countries. 

With each purchase you will get the following details of the image; Country, City, Street and Affiliated representative {if i can get it}. I will also include the date my photo was taken. 

I will release an a A6 {lined} and A5 {blank} notebook for consideration, along with some Crann Beag ephemera during the year. 

If anyone has any particular image they feel merit's recognition please email me at with a subject "Graffiti in the city". Please also include the city, street location and an image including the affiliated artists name if possible or apparent.

January 2019 Image: 01 Country: Northern Ireland City: Belfast Location: Talbot Street Affiliated Artist: SABEKNONSENSE 

Get yourz here.

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