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Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Best for: Pocket-size

Colour: Dark

Size: A6

Pages: Lined

Outer material: Graffiti by ADW


Painted against the iconic red brick of Belfast, ADW found a massive unused wall on Dunbar Street! 

This image has been used more than once, and also features on his landing page for:

Full photo

So what can we say about this, I asked my 5 year old son, who was with me at the time, when I took the photo. I asked him, "what do you think the artist means by this image", he said he thinks it means "he loves her". I liked that explanation, exploring the concept more the Diver + Mermaid image casts its own positive interpretation. 

I haven't seen this painted but I have a feeling, it's a combination of stencil and freehand! In keeping with ADW style!

I'm taking a look at underground culture and dedicating 2019 notebooks to street art, otherwise known as a range called Graffiti in the City.  

Part II of this range continues with a brilliant image of a Diver catching a Mermaid FEBRUARY 2019 Image: 02 Country: Northern Ireland City: Belfast Location: Dunbar Street Affiliated Artist: ADW Following this and every month this year I will release try to release a new Notebook with a different Graffiti-ed image, some of which will more than likely exist in different countries. With each purchase you will get the following details of the image; Country, City, Street and Affiliated representative {if i can get it}. I will also include the date my photo was taken. I will release an a A6 {lined} and A5 {blank} notebook for consideration, along with some Crann Beag ephemera during the year. If anyone has any particular image they feel merit's recognition please email me at with a subject "Graffiti in the city".

Please also include the city, street location and an image including the affiliated artists name if possible or apparent. Get yourz here.

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