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Updated: Aug 22, 2020


A blossom of quantum entanglement

The 4" x 2" inch tall Patch

This image symbolizes the concept of renewal, of shiny days coming after dark times.

Check out the EDITION 7 which still has copies left

The summer season got off to a great start, as the summer sun baked, all of those Buju journals got filled up with events that needed planning, summaries of goal achievements, and those not achieved of course and finally what got done or completed during those extra long and hot days.. 

At the Crann Beag office, the new design has been taken to a new media.  We enlarged the notebook from A6 > A5, rounded the edges, blackened the rings and removed the lines from the pages to make them blank.

We hoped you liked it!

We have also manufactured a 4x2inch "EMBROIDERY PATCH" which we will include with the Autumn edition which is coming soon. In doing so we have added to the flavour of mechandise to be received!If you haven't already why not sign up the "Two shipments" or "Four shipments"

SPECIFICATIONS Best for: Art, thoughts and idea's Colour: Light blue Size: A5 Pages: Blank Outer material: Heavy Card strengthened, Gloss finish. REASONS TO BUY: 

Easy to take notes on the go 

Contemporary design 

The new A5 notebook

Nurture Your Roots Take notes on your day to help you "keep track of tasks" and "journal your day" to make sure you get tasks you wanted to complete, finished. 

The company logo.

Watch our shipment advert.

Collision and colouration in imaging and art with ARTANZO france.

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