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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Living spaces

What is modern day living? How can you make a space look inviting but also, and more importantly, comfy. Somewhere where you wish to spend time in. A place where hard textures and soft fabrics meet and mingle. Where Light dances with the room, rises and falls correctly and calms. Spaces that are well designed get used more and create a living space because everything is in its place. It not only looks beautiful to the eye at but is also iconic. It must be easy to manage and functionally correct.

Figure 1. Lets take a look at this image above, is the lighting correct above the sofa? does the sofa even look comfy? The tiles look industrial and the wood effect above the TV warms the appearance of the cold tiles.

Figure 2. Whilst the layout is very similar to the above interior design, the lighting in this image, looks more balanced, perhaps even more technical, it is obvious more thought has gone into it. The sofa looks comfortable.

Figure 3. Again the lighting in this room is driving the ambiance forward. The styling of the furniture is Italian in concept, the use of wood of more than one colour and shape adds elegance. The chocolate coloured panels add great effect and control the over all toning successfully.

Figure 4. Much less artificial lighting is used here. Most of the light is achieved through the use of a wall of glazing. A small lamp offers some extra brightness in what may be a dark corner. A much calmer space is achieved. However perhaps there is a feeling of "waiting", and would a true calmness be achieved.

Figure 5. The parquet floor is accented by a Grey wool Rug. Black is used well in this room and it is enhanced with the lighter grey tones in paint and soft furnishing. Strip lighting and spots highlight the leather sofa to shine and add a new elevate to the black, making it shine.

Figure 6. This Scandinavian room is divided into two by a central island, modern wall finishes draw the eye, beams left in the ceiling create fun lighting zones. The L-shape sofa looks luxurious, the wooden table is natural in texture but enhanced with the manmade central feature. Plants add an earthy feel and this room captures a tranquillity

Which room would you prefer to live in?

A space can be drastically changed if thought is given to the furnishings and layout. Make mood boards, search on-line for tried and tested combinations. If done correctly the final room room will leave a lasting impression of form and function that will carry on for years to come.

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