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Getting started

If you’ve decided on a new refurbishment project for your home, then knowing what you need to consider before you start will pay dividends once the project gets off the ground.

My advice is to get a sound architect, a good builder and make sure you go through building control, or planning if needed. In short, Internal modifications only require building control whilst building new areas outside of your existing walls requires planning.

That said, a beneficial contribution for any new living area should be to map it out from a birds eye view. Take you time and enjoy the design process by sketching out ideas.

I recommend getting some lining paper from a local hardware store and rolling out a large area, it is thick and takes paint, pen and pencil well. It is also cheap for the amount you get.

Sketching Ideas

It {Lining paper} also allows for multiple erases and re-doings that are sure to be inevitable. A combinations of 3D drawings and or simple ideas on one mind-map can really draw your attention to problem areas.

I like to Sketch out some simple ideas with a few basic colours and inks. Draw by hand, don't worry too much about the how it looks, how straight the lines are and i use earthy colours like green, brown and pale blue to begin.


Done well, a refurbishment is one of the best ways to transform a home. Kitchen extensions these days are about creating a hub where everyone can gather to eat, relax and entertain. 

There is of course a lot to consider — from the design through to planning; from costs to the trades you employ so you need to be on top of it all. 

The end result to try to achieve interesting views, a mixing of textures, and interesting forms, of reinventing how materials are used.

For example, In the below image the wooden hardboards typically used on a floor have been transferred to the ceiling.


A lighting scheme which is practical but also brings the wow-factor in the evenings is essential. Under cupboard lights, spotlights or pendant lights hung over the dining table look great.

Clerestory windows

Clerestory windows can also offer an interesting Lighting solution by throwing natural light into the room without having the privacy of the room invaded.

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