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Banksy Nola (White Rain)

March 6, 2019

  • Auction Date: Wed 27th March

  • Westbury Hotel

  • 37 Conduit Street

  • London

  • Estimate:

  • £60,000


In the Financial time's, Smart Arts magazine, February 16 2019, we see the arrival of the Nola auction. 




Ye will have/had to have rolled on/travelled  the corner of N.Rampart and Kerelec to catch a site of this original.



Rumour's are that it has been defaced/tagged over the years, defacement has occurred many times but after this tar which completely obscured it, some street artist took matters into their own hands and covered it in plexi glass. 





So what does this stencil mean? 



My interpretation is that for me it depicts an emotional statement, "Don't ruin my day". 


I'm three months into this ~twelve month tour. 


I'm Interested to find out what this print sells for and whether there is any controversy during the auction. 


Last year during the sale of another piece, ironically called "girl with a balloon" in which her possession (balloon) appears to be captured in the very act of being lost, the print was shredded . 



I'm continuing to take a look at underground culture and dedicating 2019 notebooks to street art, otherwise known as a range called "Graffiti in the City" . 


Part I - Link  


Part II  - Link 

Part III of this range continues with a brilliant image of "white rain" by the street artist Banksy. 

March 2019
Image: 03

Country: America
City: New orleans
Location: N. Rampart
Affiliated Artist: Banksy

Following this and every month this year I will release, or at least try to release a new Notebook with a different Graffiti-ed image, some of which will more than likely exist in different countries.

With each purchase you will get the following details of the image; Country, City, Street and Affiliated representative {if i can get it}. I will also include the date my photo was taken. (if proper

I will release an a A6 {lined} and A5 {blank} notebook for consideration, along with some Crann Beag ephemera during the year.

If anyone has any particular image they feel merit's recognition please email me at with a subject "Graffiti in the city".

Please also include the city, street location and an image including the affiliated artists name if possible or apparent.

Get yourz here . 



This month we are finishing off the quarter with a T shirt set. 



Coming soon to our website! 


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