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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

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In amongst a spiral arm region of a galaxy, a large cool mass of interstellar dust was in motion. This cloud contained varying amounts of the elements helium and hydrogen made by baryon genesis. Due to the fact that this cloud was circling around the galaxy many elements produced elsewhere had become distributed. In the cloud as a result of fundamental forces hydrogen had combined with itself to create the more stable form molecular hydrogen, carbon had bound with hydrogen to create methane, whilst hydrogen and oxygen had fused to produce H20, frozen particles of which glimmer in the light of a nearby dying star which had lived for tens of millions of years.

Since this stars birth it had battled against pressure and temperature trying to push it apart and gravity trying to pull it back together. Inside its core nuclear fusion was fusing carbon and oxygen to produce the stable element iron. This is an endothermic reaction and therefore the star was becoming cold. With no more production of heat, pressure and temperature were losing out to gravity, suddenly this massive star choked, gravity had won!

To be continued....

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